B&B Talent Management

Hawley Penfold

Status: Non Union

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 120lbs

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Age Range: 15-20



Theatrical Reel

Theatrical Reel - The Younger Years

Commercial Reel


Music Reel

Agency: LA Talent (LA)

Agency: Presley Talent Agency (NM)

Agency: Carolina Talent (NC/GA)

Agency: Big Fish (CO)



One Sheet

Throughout her creative career, Hawley has received extensive acclaim, performing at The Young Artist Award in L.A. (2017) including being a winner of Stars of Tomorrow (2016) competition. She has also acted in a multitude of lead roles in films like Rations (2017), Beg (2017), and Speaking of Fairies (2016) She is also credited for commercials, voice over and music videos. Additionally, she has collaborated with talented Grammy nominated artist producer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Michael C Ross and veteran producer/A&R development-engineer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Tommy-C of Wild Child Records.